I have been reading a number of articles recently proclaiming the death of the CV in its traditional format and as someone who is regularly asked for CV advice I like to keep up to date with current views.

Is the CV dead? No but it is certainly changing.

New developments

In the last few years I have seen more CVs with web links in them, perhaps through the logo of a previous company or a link to a graduate’s dissertation or a published paper.  These are useful assuming the CV is being read in an electronic format as most are.  I have also seen candidates from creative industries presenting a CV like an advertisement or even a storyboard and these certainly catch the attention but are they perhaps best left to those in creative roles?

The latest new development appears to be the video CV and there are a number of examples on YouTube as well as tips on how to prepare one. This trend appears to be more active in America right now but since we generally follow their lead eventually it’s worth being aware of. I think the two examples below are pretty cool and surprisingly both of these were produced at least 2 years ago.



There are even some animated cover letters out there admittedly this one is from someone who was looking for a job in animation and it’s probably much harder to animate examples of your work in other fields.


So do we all need to rush out and learn how to animate our CV and take courses in how to present to a camera so we can be on YouTube too?  Probably not right now as most employers websites and application processes will only accept the traditional format of CV but definitely an interesting development for the future and well worth considering for those in Marketing, PR, Communications and even Sales.

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